Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Work in Progress

The kitchen is still a work in progress....

I have dreams of beautiful subway tile in here. but with the 1000 things I have on my list to do for the house... that just is not in the budget at this moment. So I need to come up with a temporary budget friendly solution for the time being.
So bead board it was. Several people said.  Really? Won't that look bad with all the white. But I ignored them... because I am stubborn and did it anyways.

It is times like this... I am glad I am hard headed.
Because I love it.

These are pictures of projects that are in progress. Please keep in mind they are not final. But I thought I haven't shared what I was working on. I should probably do a post...

This was such a simple project. Cut bead board to fit your area. Use jigsaw to cut out areas for outlets. Nail gun it up. Add quarter round trim to clean it up. doll rods on edges (which I have not completed as of yet) Frame out the window area with some moulding. paint... and voila. about 30 bucks for this back splash solution.

Enough babbling.
Here are some photos of how it is looking so far....
PS. don't mind the crayons all over the island. We were coloring superheroes :)

A while back ago I built this Island. I found the plans on Ana white and just tweaked them to what I needed. I needed something narrow for this space. and I wanted it on wheels so that way I could wheel it out to the patio as a serving cart also.

I have not finalized how this area is going to look yet. So I haven't shared it quite yet.
Here are some WIP photos of this project. I think I have an idea on what I am going to do with it this weekend...

Then there is the gallery wall that I have been working on.
I decided this time I would just throw frames up there and then figure out what to put in them after. I still have a couple of holes to fill in but so far... it is coming along nicely. I cannot wait to figure out what I want on this wall.

This is a sign I made for the kitchen quite a while ago. I love it. It is a FRIENDS reference.
Still to this day... my favorite show. Ever.

I need to finish up trimming out the bask splash. Add corbels under the island and the cabinets. chalkboard paint and trim out the pantry door. Get french doors for the patio. Put something above the island I built. Figure out what should go on that island... what I will need on it to make it use able... and not just decorative. Finish the outlets for the back splash. Some of them need to be pushed out further... so I can get the covers on it. Replace that final boob light in the kitchen.
paint the window (not the trim) black to break up some of that white.
Replace counter tops (someday) put in subway tile (someday)
Replace sink and faucet.

So there is still a lot to do. but it is coming along....


  1. I LOVE the sign! I've been finding all sorts of Friends references on my favorite blogs tonight... Literally could not be happier.

  2. I used the bead board in my last house in the kitchen. It did not "wear" well around the back of sink. Water seemed to make it swell, and then the white peeled off. I would recommend sealing it with a coat or two of sealer if it is near enough to water to take a splash or two. House looks wonderful! Found you on Pinterest!

    1. Thank you for the tip. That is something I should look into doing! thanks for stopping by! :)


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