Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Growth Chart Giveaway

I love our ruler growth chart we made for Maddux a few years ago. I love that we can take it with us whenever we move and we never lose these markings as opposed to marking it on our wall like we did when we were kids. I like the idea that he can use it with his kids someday and maybe can be passed down.  I pretty much just love this thing. The vintage ruler is easy to tie in with decor and adds some whimsy to our walls as well as purpose.

You Can see the original post HERE

So after looking around on Pinterest, I have noticed the popularity has gone up. And there have been some very creative ideas on how to do these.

A couple of my favorites

Source: etsy.com via Liz on Pinterest

I looked at these on Etsy and realized these sell between 50-85 bucks!

So I decided I would do my own and host another giveaway.
I decided to go with a traditional ruler design since it would be for a giveaway and I wasn't sure
I got to work this weekend and here is the one I will be giving away.

As with the photo shelves, If you do not win but was wanting one of these for yourself or a gift. I can make these customized how you want. Stained, striped, painted, etc. for $35. Just shoot me an email here at alwayschasinglife@gmail.com or shoot me a message on my facebook page.

This would be great to document your children growing on or even as a gift!

Same rules to enter.

1. You must be a follower of this blog. To do this you will go to the right where it says Followers. Click Join this site. Put in your information. Come back and comment for each entry

For additional entries.
1. Like my page on Facebook Here.
2. Refer friends to be a follower of either the blog or facebook and earn an additional entry for each friend that becomes a follower.

The giveaway will close on Monday March 25th @ 9:00PM.
Winner will be announced Tuesday March 26th.

Winner needs to be local. Or if it is a gift, know someone local. Local meaning... Rockford to Chicago land area. If you have any questions on if you are in an area that I could deliver the winning to feel free to message me!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it!! I would love to win, but if not I might have to add this to my future want pile.
    I'm a follower
    I'm a fan
    And I'll go refer fans ;)
    Great giveaway!!

  2. I follow your blog, a fan on FB and will post this on FB... :) Such an adorable idea...

  3. Im a follower, I love everything you make!! Im going to refer everyone now :)

  4. This is so very Cute! It's Amy Walker but for some reason I have to publish as Anonymous....sorry

  5. Fan, follower, sharer. You're so dang talented!

  6. I see how this works now, lol. I do like this idea and I could've used something like this a long time ago. Fawn I want one, even if I don't win the giveaway!!!

  7. Blog Follower and liked on Facebook - Holly

  8. me too! blog follower and liked on facebook :)


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