Friday, March 22, 2013

Snippets of Home

I started following Emily at BlueBerrysBlog over a year ago. I believe I found it through embrace the camera that we both participated in and I love popping in over there and seeing what she has been up to. I love her writing style, her fashion style, and now with her new series her decorating. They recently bought a home and she started a series she calls Snippets of Home. That I have fell in love with. I love that she is concentrating on the small things as well as some of the larger decorating projects she has done. And I have looked forward to seeing this... You should check out where it all started for her over Here

I recently told her how much I loved this series and I was hoping to use it. Which she agreed :)

So I thought I would just start off this week showing some areas... that may have been parts of other posts. but just the small/quirky/simple/thrifty/sentimental..... all the things in our home that make me happy.

1. Photo books created thanks go Groupon. Made from Mypublisher, Mixbook, Shutterfly, etc.
I love having these books out and at anytime can flip through my favorite photos.  Along with the giant butterfly (sticker still attached) That has now served its purpose at Giant bug that attacks Maddux's superheroes.

2. Cow creamers in a variety of colors. These make me happy every single time I walk into the kitchen. Every single time.

3. Collection of Star burst Mirrors in the entryway :)

4. Vintage camera. And my personal favorite photo of my in-laws. I love everything about that photo.

5. Snowflake my grandfather gave me on my wedding day. I attached put burlap through an embroidery hoop and pinned it on. It hangs in the upstairs hall gallery.

6. Adventure is out there!!!! US Map of all the cities Maddux has been too. This is currently in our entryway gallery.

7. I originally found this chandelier at the Habitat Re-store for five dollars and it was shiny ugly gold. After some spray paint... and some very cheap hanging beads... this offered a simple temporary solution in our dining room

So there are some of my favorite snippets from our home this week. I am hoping to continue this here and there with a few small details from our house. The little things that make me happy :)

Thanks Emily for such a great idea. And thank you for letting me use it!

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  1. I really like Maddux's map. I've been wanting to do one for our family.


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