Sunday, March 24, 2013

PInterest Inspiration for this week

I thought I would share some of my curtain projects coming up that have been inspired by ... Pinterest.
And explain to you plans... the work in progress and hopefully this will be motivation to get my butt moving on some of these :)

1. I went and had an Engineer Print printed off at Staples. One of the photos Melody took of Maddux this winter. I finally just got to framing it out this weekend. And I will be showing my version this week, but here is one of the pins that inspired me to do so

2.  I recently purchased the e-book from - a blog that I simply adore. If you haven't been over there. You should. She captures everything I love about a home...Mainly photos. I love photos. Her and her husband built all the frames they use in their house and most of the artwork too. Her book has a lot of plans for these frames. I just put up 4 gallery ledges in the bedroom so I cannot wait to use my scrap wood to start filling this up. This may take while to share we will have to see how many frames I can create... considering I have 4 empty shelves... but I will definitely be using this book for inspiration.

3.  My sliding doors have seen their last day.... hello french doors. How I love the black in the kitchen mixed in with all the white. Once these babies get installed I am whipping out that paint brush!

4.  Current furniture plans I am building for Melody. This thing is built... Finishing up painting it this week.

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

5.  The basement is still being worked on. We are hoping to have it mudded within the next few weeks. Once that gets done, I am planning on adding a similar wall treatment to the basement stairs as this.

6.  Now I am planning on building both of these things for me. I need crates for storage always. And the idea of having a chalkboard front... that I can change out is also calling my name! And this little IPad holder is ingenious, I always have mine in the kitchen for recipes and what not.

Now... question. Which would you rather see as a giveaway? Ipad holder or a couple of chalkboard crates? Anyone care to win either of these?

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Tonight, I am having a skyping chat with another blogger. Hoping to work with her and have some custom made plans for my dining room library plans. So exciting! Let's hope it goes well and I can share all the details with you :)

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