Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Window Seat - Completed!

This has taken me forever. I told you. I put off my own bedroom. weird. right? i think because no one ever sees it... and well... I'm in no rush to finish it because its just me that is annoyed by it. But I am annoyed by it every single day.

But finally. The window seat is finished.

We started off by framing off the base..

Beautiful right? Don't worry. It starts looking better.

Then used MDF to top off the frame of 2x4s we built. Then added some moulding a lot of caulk to fill in where boards were meeting up so that it would look like one whole piece. added more moulding. and more... and finally we ended up here.

I had plans on having a window seat cover made for me. Until I took the measurements. Now I know houses never have straight walls but  I am always in shock by how much they are off by. Well this baby was off and on by 4 inches... and well it was impossible to explain in an email what I needed. So I came across a no sew cushion for a bench and figured I would make three small ones to account for the differences in spacing. so I bought some cheap plywood. a lot of foam... drop cloth... and batting.

I cut the foam with my electric turkey knife (I have never used it on a turkey... this is strictly my foam cutting tool) then took batting wrapped that around. stapled. took drop cloth... wrapped that around and stapled and I did this three times.
The bottom of it is horrifying. seriously.  I mean. I have no method. i just pull and staple and cross my fingers. utter a few unkind words when i cut my fingers on staples over and over again. take a deep breath flipped it over... and slowly opened my eyes. to realize the top looks a MILLION times better than the bottom.

Here is the bottom. Its terrible

Well after this... throwing on some throw pillows I had around the house... added bamboo shades.

And here we are. My new window seat!!!!!

I have always wanted one of these for as long as I can remember so I am ecstatic over this. I love it.

I still have a few finishing touches to do to it. I need to make some no sew curtains and then figure out which throw pillows i want to have up there.

Then I need some decor here and there... we will see what I come up with.

I am not the only one loving it. Look at this little cutie :)

So there you have it 6 months later I finally finished up this window seat :)

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