Monday, March 11, 2013

Basement Project starting back up again

Well after taking a few months off of our basement project, it finally began again. This time I sat out though and did not do a thing.

Luckily enough my step-father has a friend that was willing to mud our basement for a very fair price :) So the idea of not having to do it, is kind of nice. Considering I have a thousand other projects just waiting to be tackled.

So we left off and the basement was looking like this.

Then we had the birthday party. Then the holidays. Then some laziness.

Well after a couple of hours on Saturday... we left off looking like this

So it's not too much to look at right now.... but it is getting there. And in a few weeks there will be a huge amount of progression taking place.

So this weekend we will work on it some more.. and see where we end up.

We have some interesting areas in the ceiling. That I still haven't figured out exactly what we are doing with it yet. So, hopefully we come up with something clever.

Have you finished a basement lately? Any tips on what to do with all those rough areas? I will take any advice you want to throw out. I am all ears! :)

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