Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Changes = Chaotic living space

When we first looked at this house, my largest hesitation was our dining room. I loved the huge windows at the front of the dining room. But the small area with the vaulted ceilings... what the heck to do with that area

Well first thing was first. We had to pull up the nasty carpet that currently took over the dining room. Which we did last week. Here is an in progress photo of that

Just keeping it real.  When we have big projects going on. the house turns into one giant mess. we have our table filled with tools..furniture moved from room to room. and for now they will stay in there because we have some big plans for that room. I cannot share them with you quite yet. But I can tell you... we have some BIG plans! :) Right now our dining room is housing all the furniture from our kitchen also because...
Also another big update that is also a cause of the chaotic home... french doors finally installed...Thanks to my Step Dad :)

and now... we have to paint them and get everything in this room back to normal.
Get the trim up... and they will be ready to go. Oh and they also came with some gold hinges. those will be swapped out immediately also.

So having a few big projects going on at once.. disrupts the house quite a bit. So that is what I will be up to tonight.

Anyone else having any large projects going on?

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