Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Play Table and Chairs Giveaway!

Most days my sofa table is an action figure paradise.

Where they battle. discuss. create alliances (Hi I'm captain America. Hi I'm iron man. Are you my friend? yes. Are you my friends.. yes) then they beat up Batman.
That is usually the commentary of two action figures. Discussing before the alliance - are you my friend?
Once the friendship is decided, they team up and attack. and this goes on for hours until the two in the alliance are left standing. Then usually one ends the alliance... and there is one.

Lately though. My son has been watching the Justice League cartoon and its new to him. and it has introduced a new super hero he hadn't a clue about...Wonder Woman.

My favorite thing in the entire world... is when we will be wrestling. or he will be wrestling his dad. and he will stand up and yell "I'm wonder woman!" and then attack you with his imaginary wrist guards. cracks me up every single time. I need to get this on tape. before he realizes... wonder woman is a girl. :)

On with the project...
My living room. The room where action figure goes to die. They are everywhere. In the couch cushions. under the couch. under the table. hiding in the lamp shade

So one day while cleaning them up. and checking inside of lamps and jars and vases and pulling out super heroes out of everywhere and anywhere. I thought there was enough room between the kitchen and the dining room to give him a little play area of his own.

so I went on to Ana White and found these plans here and here

Now he has his own little spot to play. And maybe (crossing my fingers) this will keep superman out of my vases. Probably not though. Probably not. But at least he has his own table he can play on and use for whatever super hero battles his imagination comes up with :)

And the best part...

I built an extra one. Just like the one I built for my house. I built an extra table and 2 chairs.
Do you want one?

Here is what you have to do to enter!
You know the rules... Anywhere in the local are through Tinley Park to enter.

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  1. So cute! Levi would love this! ;)

  2. Impressed again! Looks wonderful! :)

  3. Hadley would love to color at this table :)

  4. I can already picture all the fun to be at while sitting at it. You've been making the most adorable, practical items.

  5. Want, Need, MUST HAVE for Emma's room!!! These are the EXACT plans I was telling you about the other week.

  6. My first comment must not have worked! I LOVE THIS! We had to get rid of our dining room table, and my twins need a small table for meals and sit down activities!! This would be PERFECT! I want to one!!

  7. This is very simple but GREAT table. Your work impresses me, you do such a great job on everything you make, I just LOVE it

  8. Looks great! Would make an amazing addition to my step sons room! Perfect for little hands :)


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