Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playroom Updates

One of my favorite playrooms ever is from the blog Perfectly Imperfect

I just love everything about it.

My inspiration for Maddux's table and chair set I built in ... I tried to pull from here.

I used This table plan  from Ana White to build it.

Before we had a coffee table in the middle... shown here

I went with a slightly rustic version. Painted the thing bright turquoise then dry brushed some white over it... and sanded it to wear in spots.

And now today it looks like this....

And another update... if you haven't seen it on my Snippets of Home. The updated trim around the media closet :) Now just to finish the trim around that window. :)

I plan on getting rid of that couch and building a daybed. That way we have an extra bed if we ever need for sleepovers or company or anything else.  And in my head... it works better in this room. We have a tv up in this room on the opposite wall which also is where we keep our gaming systems. So having a place to sit... for kids and adults is necessary. The trim is updated in the room except for the windows. I am putting off painting as many windows as possible for now. Once the weather warms up and I can pop them out and paint them it will be so much easier!

So next on the playroom list will be painting the window trim and building a twin sized daybed. Once I sell this couch on Craigslist it is.

Check out Perfectly Imperfect's spaces. It will make you insanely jealous. Her playroom is straight from a catalog. and her movie room... do not even get me started.

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