Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I blog

A lot of people often have asked why or how I started blogging. I have been going back and forth about writing this because these type of posts often open yourself up for criticism.  But I decided... I would just go with it. I understand that some people may not understand it... and some people may think it's a waste of time... and that's fine

I first started blogging.. nothing too serious just sharing fun things I found on Etsy and collecting ideas for Maddux's first birthday party. From there... I was introduced to a lot of blogs created by other moms that used their blog as a creative outlet.... They documented their children's lives.. photos.. stories... and and tons of DIY projects for toys, home decor, and activities with your kids. They used their blogs ... to let you into their family.. and also to share with you things they enjoyed doing.

Over time... I would try more and more DIY projects that were outside of my realm.. but I want a home that represents my family... a home that makes us all happy. and since I lack a magic money tree in my yard... I find ways to get the things I want within my budget. I use this blog... for several reasons.

1. To document my life. and to document Maddux's childhood. Not the big huge stuff that I already am documenting. but the little stuff. the stuff... that makes your heart melt as a mom. Those tiny moments. I never ever want to forget about how my son believes a jet stream is superman. Or how much my son LOVES thunder and lighting because he thinks Thor is coming to save the world. I never want to forget that cheeseball smile the first day I let him hold worms while we were planting flowers. I never want to forget our little everyday moments. So I use this to document them. I use this to write him periodic letters... so that one day they will also be for him to read. So he can see how much he was/is loved.

2. I use this to document our life. our story. I use this blog to open up and create friendships. On days that I feel like I am messing up everything as a mom... on days I need to vent about how much harder parenting is than I ever imagined.... or how I never knew it was possible to love someone so much it would cause me to cry in the new Superman movie uncontrollably. Seriously... the part where the little boy is in his cape.. running around with his dog. I just got insanely emotional because... all I can picture is my little super man... and it just melts my heart. I use this blog as a type of online journal.... I have made quite a few friends on here... and am thankful  for their emails when I am needing emotional support...

3. I use this blog as a creative outlet.... hoping to inspire anyone that things they cannot afford to make their home how they want because they cant afford it. A little bit of work... and a whole lot of faith in yourself... can get you far.  I love sharing spaces that inspire me with you. Hoping they may inspire you also. When I first started I had no clue what I was doing.... I just thought.. maybe I can do that.. and I went for it. And you feel like super woman the first time you build something... or you find yourself sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to just stare at your white kitchen  because you are giddy... it actually turned out just how you wanted... even though you were scared to death you were going to ruin it... you learn to decorate your home for your family... and figure out what works for you. And hopefully somewhere in the process... something I do will inspire you to jump in and try something you have been holding back on :)

People will sometimes ask... aren't you afraid of showing too much of your house on the Internet? Fair... but I am a firm believer in my 2nd amendment (not to mention... I have some very strong redneck roots that run in blood)... and if anyone tried to come into the house and risk the safety of the two boys that mean more to me than life itself... better believe me when I say.. I will not think twice.
Now that we got that out of the way.
We also have a security system... :) That sounds a little less crazy of me :)

People have made comments about sharing too much and I have even received feedback from people close to me how they think its a waste of time. And I understand this blog might not be for everyone. But ..

I blog... for me.
I blog to share our life... keep records of the small moments, so that I will never forget... I am sharing our world with you. ... and hoping to gain more friendships and meet more people through this process. Making friends as an adult is hard.... really hard. I have valued the friendships I have made through this blog and I am thankful for each and every reader.

Life is a beautiful mess.  I use this blog as my own online journal. I use it to make myself lists of things I want to do (hoping that announcing them on the Internet will make me stick to it) I use this blog as my creative outlet... taking our builder grade home and making it something unique to us. I use this blog for our moments in our life that I want to remember forever. moments I can later share with my kids.

I am letting you into our lives...

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your friendship. And thank you to all of you with the encouraging words when I need them :) I understand blogging isn't for everyone... and at one time I never thought I would be a "blogger" but here I am.. and I love it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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  1. It makes MORE sense to post your memories and happenings on a blog than it does to post them all to facebook. Maybe I should do the same. Things disappear so easily on fb. At least on a blog you have everything organized :)


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