Monday, August 26, 2013

Front Door Updates

So... I posted a while back about some planters I found on Shanty 2 chic.
And i love them on her house. i really really do. 

But they are huge... and i built one... looked at it and realized... that was enough for me...
So I left it at that. Maybe I will build the second one someday. But working on the library and finding time for other projects has been difficult. Have you heard me complain enough yet? Well I will continue to do so for a few weeks more :)
I do love the one I built. I can picture filling it with pumpkins or mums once I switch to my fall décor. 

But the real star of the front door update is … The Giraffe door knocker. Hello! Amazing. Right? 

Maybe not everyone adores it as much as I do. But I swear… I love this door knocker in a weird amount. She just makes me happy. I may or may not go outside randomly to look at her. And I named her.
We are quite fond of her around here. 

I love the amount of whimsy she adds to the front door. That and this justifies me never putting up those adorable seasonal wreaths that I always consider. So Penelope also allows me to be lazy without feeling guilty. Because who needs a wreath when you have whimsical Penelope? Not me.
Thanks Penelope.

Now I am just hoping to update the outdoor lights to oil rubbed bronze something or others. I just haven’t found any I completely love yet.
Anyone want to suggest some?

Plus all my summer flowers are slowly dying... I cannot wait to update the porch for fall. :) Anyone else looking forward to it as much as I am??? 

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