Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Staircase - Round 3

So, we Jerry spent a few hours getting those pesky staples out. Which rumor has it... is a real pain. While Jerry did that I added 3 coats of poly to each step... which was probably equally delightful.

... Fine. Okay. My job was easier. But it smelled worse.

SO we got all the stairs staple free. The new treads nice and shiny.

and then... we had to cut off the existing overhang on the stairs... which I did not know until i finally youtubed how to put on these treads.

So after that .. we cut 1/4 inch thick MDF board for the risers... primed and painted them... then used some construction grade adhesive to put them on. and a couple of nails to keep them where they needed to be while the adhesive dried.

and finally...
finally.. it started coming along.

Sorry for the blurry photos... during the week by the time I get home all natural sunlight is pretty much gone.. so bear with me.

but now we have some gaps... nothing is ever easy.

Meanwhile I will be painting... filling in nail holes and touching up the stairs as needed.
trying to figure out what to do about those gaps. I might be able to caulk them. That is what I am hoping... however, a few of the gaps are pretty big. Maybe I'll snoop around in the moulding section of Lowes this week too. Or maybe I will take a break from these stairs and ignore it for a while. That is what I am leaning towards... :)

And I still have to finish up some sections of that darn railing... that I will not ignore. 
Off to paint! have to finish up those rails and get some of that dust off of there. I should have it painted and finished by next week... Thank Goodness!

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