Thursday, January 9, 2014

Star Wars Birthday Party

This year we threw Maddux a Star Wars birthday party.

As luck would have it... this was the beginning of my throat infection that landed me in the hospital that next day... and all sorts of medical problems... and on top of that, my camera broke. So unfortunately I do not have any photos off my camera... I had to make due with the iPhone. So bear with me on the quality of photos.

We hosted the party at home for our young jedi. We had jedi robes made for the boys, princess leia robe and headbands with the princess leia buns... and each child received their own pool noodle light saber. So with not feeling well.. and no camera. Well the amount of photos is disappointing.

Yoda Soda for all the kiddos

Birthday boy with his darth vader and luke skywalker cake :)

Finding dad in the Darth Vader mask

Both the boys taking him on

young jedi

Our star wars inspired dessert table

We were lucky enough to be contacted by The LA Shop and received a photo back drop from their company... to do a product review. Since we try to do a photo booth every year to capture the kids who come to the parties for Maddux's scrapbook. this was a great deal for us. We received the product rather fast... and it was easy to put together. I love that the back drop is easy to take down and comes with a carrying case if we ever need to take it with us for a party. We attached some star fabric to the back drop for the kids to stand in front of in their Star Wars gear for us to take photos of.

This product held up quite well for a four year olds birthday party.
It was sturdy and durable. We were very pleased with the quality of product we received. Here are some photos of how we set up the stand at the party and used it for our back drops for our photos.

Now that I have my camera back and I am enrolling in photography classes next month. I am hoping I can play round with the backdrop and come up with some cute Valentine Photo ideas. I will definitely order from The LA Shop in the future after I take some photography classes and want to purchase more photography props. And of course it always comes in handy at birthday parties. :)

If you want to check them out their website it HERE
Not only do they carry photography equipment but they also have Pet Supplies, Sports Equipment, Home Equipment and more.

We were lucky enough to get a few members of the 501st legion to show up for Maddux's birthday party this year :)

All in all he had a great day!

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