Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen Renovation

Today I get to feature the kitchen renovation my Mom and Step Dad have been working on the past couple of months. And it is beautiful!

They just moved into this home a few months back.  And the first room they decided she wanted to tackle was the kitchen. They were missing their old kitchen and decided they were dying to redo this kitchen and update it to resemble the kitchen they had just left...

They tore out all the cabinets and replaced them.... had granite counter tops put in... a new sink... new back splash.... new tile flooring... and they are currently putting in a breakfast nook.

The kitchen looked like this a few weeks ago

And today it looks like this.

And here is the area they are currently working on... adding in a breakfast nook :)

It looks awesome. I loooooove the new counter tops and the wine rack. The wine rack/plate rack is my favorite area of the entire kitchen. They are currently putting in a breakfast nook. they built some bench seating and are currently shopping for a round table to slide in there. They also have plans on updating some of the lighting. Can't wait to see where it ends up in the next few months. It already is such a huge transformation!

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