Saturday, February 8, 2014

The best 6 years of my life :)

This weekend we are celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe 6 years has came and went. I remember laying down... the night of our wedding and talking about where we would like to be in the next ten years... and here we are 6 years later. 

I got lucky in love. Really lucky. 

And he makes me happy almost every day. Almost :) 

He is truly the love of my life... and even though some days i might not like him very much... I love him. truly. love. him. 

So in honor of our anniversary.. I just thought I would share with you 15 reasons I love this man. 

1. He makes me laugh. Like really laugh. I'm talking like cackling laugh like I am the Wicked Witch of the West laugh. There is no one on this earth that can make me laugh that hard. He is witty... and sarcastic... and goofy... all at the right moments. Plus... he falls. A lot. This man falls all the time. And I find it to be hilarious. 

Few examples. One night he got out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Well his legs... both legs fell asleep without him knowing. so he stands up and immediately collapses... and in this drowsy state of mind. He just starts yelling... "I'm paralyzed!" and proceeded to punch his legs and tell me "I can't feel them! I can't feel them!" Now if that doesn't make you laugh until you pee your pants... I have another one.

I'm brushing my teeth. We are in a hurry to go somewhere. He jumps in the shower... so while I'm brushing my teeth.. in the mirror. I see him literally just fall out of our shower. Onto the floor. I'm talking like face first splat. Right out the glass shower door. I'm still not sure what happened. But seriously people? who falls like this? I can go on... 

But anyways. Point being. he makes me laugh. whether its on purpose or not... I enjoy laughing. so someone that just falls randomly and punches himself in the legs... well that's a good person to keep around for amusement purposes at least.

2. He is one incredible dad. Seriously. when your husband turns into a dad... a good dad. There is nothing sexier. He reads to Maddux at night. They play super heroes. They build legos together. They have secret hand shakes. They play catch. Maddux follows him with his toy mower and they mow the lawn together. They build furniture together. My son... wants to be just like his daddy. The bond between them is incredible. And because of this... I love him even more. The day he became a father... I fell in love all over again. 

3. He never panics. (well, minus the whole... I'm paralyzed... and punching his legs scenario. However, we just got done watching a criminal minds.. .where the guy paralyzes you and kills you... so at least... well i think that's why that happened... not too sure though) 

But in REAL life. Full awake scenarios....

He never panics.

Not evens hen nurses are rushing in strapping an oxygen mask to my face while giving birth. Not even when nurses fill the room... and its pin drop quiet. He never panics. 
Even when I get the hysterical call from my mom with her in a pure panic over my step dads heart.. and me rushing to the hospital... he never panics. He looks right into my eyes and tells me its all going to be okay... and it makes me feel better. I feel safe. even with chaos around him... him looking directly at me.. whispering it will be okay... and everything disappears. 

4. He loves all things super heroes. We can have super hero marathons any given weekend.. and both of us are in heaven.

5. He believes in me. Every single step of the way... he is always supporting me... always telling me to go for it. 

6. He doesn't care about name brands. He is most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Which is exactly how I prefer him :)

7. He is the calm to my crazy. I tend to work myself up.. a little. I tend to over react. I tend to be a little... dramatic. just a little. And he is my voice of reason. 

(well sometimes... sometimes he can be that annoying voice too that i want to duct tape shut... but this is about our anniversary... so i will concentrate on when he is nice) 

8. He still holds my hand. When we walk. When we drive in the car. When we sit on the couch. I love that he still... holds my hand.

9. He stood by me. The year of our wedding... and putting us first... and trusting what we had... that was a year of truth. The way his family treated him... and him believing in what we had... well... it just let me know... that he chose me. And if we could make it through that... we would make it through anything. 

10. He fights fair. All couples fight. and he fights fair. He doesn't throw the past in my face. He never calls me a name. He never swears at me. He fights fair. I might not... but at least he does.

11. He finds my fear of being trapped in my clothes comical. and helps me. when he could ignore me and witness the freak out that would occur. Because people... OMG i hate getting trapped in my clothes. Nothing is worse.... 

12. His beautiful blue eyes. Endless blue eyes

13. He's a gentleman. He never makes me take out the garbage... shovel the snow... mow the lawn. He always opens the door for me. He always puts me first. Unless we are eating pizza. Then he forgets about me. But i guess we all have our flaws. 

14. He doesn't try to change me. He accepts me for me. I'm awkward... socially challenged at times. He embraces the Sunday morning dance a thon while cleaning the house. He accepts that he married a girl that is going to tackle him and tickle him when he won't give me my way. He lets me eat nutella out of the jar without judgement... 

15. He fills my days with love... honesty... and laughter. He provides for me and Maddux. He makes us feel safe and loved every single day. He is open minded and understanding. He makes me a better person. A better wife. A better mom. And a better friend. He inspires me daily. 

Jer - You are my lobster. Thank you for choosing me to spend the rest of your life with. 


  1. OMG...Fawn the "paralyzed"part...I was laughing so hard I couldn't even tell Emily what I was laughing about (sorry Jerry that was hysterical). The two of you are in my mind what I would call the ultimate couple. It's so obvious just how much you both love each add Maddux and KAPOW you've become the ultimate family. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Wishing you years and years and YEARS of continued happiness! Love you!

    1. Aww thanks Karen! haha. him being paralyzed still makes me laugh. :) and he calls me dramatic!


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