Monday, March 17, 2014

Mudroom Closet Day 2.

We left off with the progress on the closet looking like this

We started with adding a simple bookshelf on the inside left hand side of the closet for shoe storage.
We tend to collect shoes at the entrance so this will be a nice place for them to go rather than spread all over the floor for me to trip on. The bottom shelves on the shoe storage are a little taller... so that way we can accommodate boots... or whatever else needs to go in there.

We took a piece of plywood and used brackets to put across the top. We will finish this off with molding to give it a clean look which will hold baskets filled with whatever junk we need to store.
We also added in some bead board paneling across the back. The paneling is a little bit more durable and will stand up more against my child who will probably use this as another piece of furniture to jump off of... hide in... attack villains in. Etc. etc.
We also added in some crates at the bottom for additional hidden storage. I have a feeling this will be used for seasonal items or sporting equipment. or just a place for me to frantically shoves stuff into before people come over. We built simple crates... you can find plans for something similar Here.

So here are some photos on what it is looking like about now.

So what is next?
We need to prime this sucker. And start painting.
Add molding to the top shelf and the outside header.
Also add face frames to the drawers ... and handles.
We also need to find some hooks for coats and everything else.
And I am debating on what i want on that right inside wall....

Let's see if this can be done before we leave on vacation. Fingers crossed!

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