Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dining Room Reveal

We started working on the dining room this past winter... and then life happened. Things got busy... and I never did a final reveal on the room.

If you remember way back when I showed you a very messy... messy... messy before photo... Don't worry... it didn't always look like this. this was in the middle of the chaos of the library building and the stair redoing.... so this just collected... junk.

And we put up some DIY wainscoting on the walls... painted it all white.... bought the most amazing chandelier ever (that I may just pet and talk to every time I walk by) .. .built our own table... and benches... my amazing mom and step dad built me the knock off pottery barn workbench... bought some cheap Ikea Shears.... DIY'ed some Art... added in a fancy schmancy dimmer switch... and framed some recent family photos...

And we consider this room done.

I did consider a rug under the table. I really did. Then I watched my son drop half of his plate on the floor while eating... and my dog... eating it off... well any surface it fell upon and just decided... its better this way. Maybe some day when we learn how to get the food from our fork to our mouths efficiently... maybe then. But for now... this is better. Safer. Cleaner.

So enough rambling...
Here are the photos of the completed room.

So there we have it... this room after months and months of working... is finally D.O.N.E.


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