Monday, April 21, 2014

Library Update

Along with final reveals... I realized I have never updated any library photos.

I am still wanting to trade out these chairs for a chaise or two... but here is the library in its current state... with stuff on the shelves and furniture and all...

The last update I gave it looked like this. Complete... but very empty

And now... here we are.... with some chairs there (those are temporary) and some things on the shelves. I will admit... I still have a few empty shelves... I am still working on getting enough stuff to fill all of these!

But here it is now... and looks much more lived in :)

Its still a work in progress. I am hoping to trade out those chairs for a chaise or two... and get a rug in there. and yes... those are still my Christmas snow globes. I just left them there ... and keep meaning to pack them up. If I keep going at this rate... it will be Christmas again before I know it...

But at least the room is no longer empty...  :)

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