Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baseball Summer

I never want my little man to grow up too fast. 
I'm never in too big of a rush for him to grow up. 
But this summer was an exciting one for us. 
When we found out we were having a boy... we couldn't wait for summers filled with...
And this was our first real summer at getting a very tiny glimpse of that. 

He loved batting.
Loved it.
And would practically knock himself over swinging that bat as hard as he could. 

he went back and forth.
sometimes in ready position.
sometimes chasing after a ball
other times
making silly faces at his friend
dancing around
or daydreaming.

But all in all. 
what a great way to spend summer
looking forward to this in summers to come. 
Fingers crossed you stick with this sport kiddo. 
Mom and Dad love watching you play :)

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  1. Oh my I love this post! We're a baseball family too and I remember when our son started playing at this same age! Your little guy looks like he's having a blast. Well my son is now 14 and plays on a travel team during the Summers. It's a big commitment for him, but we enjoy it as a family...together!


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