Monday, July 7, 2014

Maddux says...

Adding to our Dear Maddux letters, Another way to keepsake moments with our son. 
Random sayings we track down throughout the week. 

(Gorilla scratching his butt at the zoo)
Maddux; He's scratching his butt!!!!! Hey! I do that too!!!

Maddux: Dad I love playing Disney Xfinity game
Dad; Oh yeah?
Maddux: Yes I love it so much. It smells like Meat! And Sugar!
Dad: well okay then

Maddux: How about today... instead of Maddux, Ill be a storm trooper! All day... Okay Mom?

Maddux: Mom, I love you. You are my best girl. (this one...never gets old)

Maddux: (heading outside with a blanket and bag of marshmallows)
Mom: Where are you going?
Maddux: Outside... I am going to catch an ET (after seeing the movie this weekend)

Maddux: When I turn FIVE I am going to be SO Big! Bigger than you Mom! But not bigger than Daddy... Daddy is a grown up?
Mom: I'm not a grown up?
Maddux: No... you are my mom.... (and then laughs hysterically... )

Dad: (showing Maddux that there is a flag that waves above Wrigley with his name... MADDUX)
Maddux: (face lights up) We have got to show Mom! She is going to loooooove this! She loves seeing my name!

Maddux arguing with Jerry....
Maddux: But why?
Jerry: Because I am the boss...
Maddux: How about... I start being the boss? And you be the kid?

Uncle Dave showing Maddux photos of him in his phone...
Maddux: That's me... mommy... and Aunt Holly.
Dave: No, thats your Nana
Maddux: No that's Aunt Holly....
Dave: No thats you, your mom, and Nana at Disney.
Maddux: Maybe you don't know everyone in your phone.

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