Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ikea Wardrobes... and the neglected room

We have been living in our house for almost 3 years now... and all we have done in our bedroom is built a window seat... and painted the walls.

Well that is the room we start and end the day with and I am getting tired of not doing anything to that room. So while finishing the basement we decided to start working on this bedroom. Mainly... I think because Jerry is tired of hearing me complain... but even if that is the case.. as long as we do something to this room I will be happy.

So one thing I have struggled with is how many little nooks we have in our bedroom. the weirdest spots. which brings me to the next topic of Ikea.

Sometimes, Ikea gets a bad rap. If you go in there and buy the 10 dollar table... well you bought a 10 dollar table and duh... its the quality of... a 10 dollar table. But the thing I love about Ikea is the ability to customize almost anything in there to create something of your own.
Pax wardrobes are great for doing this... whether its creating a custom master closet... or creating a built in wardrobe... its easy to build... and easy on the bank account. win. win.

So we decided to give this a go...

So before we start. I thought I would leave you with a few inspiration photos we are pulling from...
so that Jerry can have his own wardrobe... and I can have... well the walk in closet ;)

I am hoping to someday in the future redo the master closet using the Pax systems

Every time I walk into pantry... I am immediately looking at closet systems... or cabinets... or anything I can put my own twist on. 

We just purchased a Pax closet system and some cabinets for our wine bar in our basement...  We always make sure we stop in and check the "as is" section. If you are looking for cabinets.. this is the place to go. You can always find cabinets that were either floor models or dented on the side (who cares if you are putting them between walls) where you will find over 50% off. 

We will be back to share with you our newest Ikea customizations very soon. 

Meanwhile... what is your favorite thing to shop for at Ikea? 

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