Monday, September 15, 2014

The last time..

Baby books are filled with the first times. The first steps. The first curl. the first tooth. The first words. Etc.

The other night Maddux fell asleep in my arms. Which hasn't happened in such a long time. As I watched him sleep I looked at him... and all the changes... My little baby that has grown into this energetic... boy. Not a baby... a boy.  And I tried remembering the last time he fell asleep in my arms... and my mind just went from there.

The last time his head was filled with curls?
The last time I fed him his bottle?
The last time I sang him to sleep?
The last time his eyes were blue... before they changed to green?
The last time he called me Mama before... moving to Mommy?
The last time I rocked him to sleep?
The last time he scooted on his butt down the stairs (before he learned to walk them)?
The last time I had to get his shoes on for him?
The last time he mispronounced Chewbaca as Chewyeeeybaaba?
The last time he believed Minnie Mouse was the "prettiest girl in the world"?

There will be more and more last times as we go throughout this journey.
He is growing up so fast.... and I will take as many glimpses of these moments... these moments... that I know... will soon turn into memories.

I just want to hang onto these last times a little bit longer.
I just need to remember... even though it takes us ten minutes longer to get out the door because I need to tie his shoes and zip up his coat... that soon....these will join the list of last times... and even these small little moments will be missed...

Don't get me wrong... I look forward to my son growing up. Being independent and self sufficient. However, I just want to live in these moments of being needed. Before those moments are gone.... Sometimes life is so busy. We rush through things... without realizing just how important those little moments are.

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