Monday, March 23, 2015

Basement Update - Theater Room... Progress

So this room started out looking like...

Lovely :)

And then... a little better

Jerry has always wanted his own movie room.
But not anything with movie theater seating... just somewhere we could hang out as a family... and veg out and watch movies.

So this past Christmas I got him a movie projector and screen... and it all began :)

We have been working on the basement on and off for the past few years... just an extra area that wasn't a necessity since the rest of the house needed so much work... but I am happy to say I love having this movie room down there. We have a lot of fun on family movie nights... eating popcorn and just hanging out watching movies... :)

This room isn't close to being done... however, it has made A LOT of progress over the past few months. It's still pretty plain. But it's functional. Jerry has a few things he wants to put down in here... and I promised I would let him do what he wants... (I'm a little worried)

Here is where the room is today..

To Do List

  • Put up door to storage area
  • Let Jerry decorate... try very hard to not wince and roll my eyes when he tries to convince me we need a cardboard cut out of... Rambo.
  • caulk and paint trim
  • cut in and fix the few painting mishaps down there.... 
  • buy rug for kiddos to play on
  • build shelf for Jerry's toys Memorabilia
  • coffee table 
  • build a long table along the backside of the couch with bar stools for kids to snack and watch movies 
  • build low media center for blue ray player that is currently just sitting on the floor :) 
So as you can see... The room still has quite a bit of changes to go through... and I am hoping we can get a few knocked off our to do list in the next few months. However, Hudson's arrival date is sneaking up on us... and realistically I am not sure what will get done and what will be pushed back.
But at least for now the room is functional... and we are loving spending weekends down there watching movies and eating popcorn! 

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