Thursday, September 16, 2010

Embrace The Camera Day!!!

Last night I looked gross... but since i decided i would do this... i got over it and took the picture.

We just bought Maddux this toy last week. I really wanted to try and find one on Craigs List because I wasnt sure if he would like it or not... but luckily.. he loves it. so it makes it well worth the 50 bucks :)

We were having fun playing with the new table...

and just for added fun.... Look at this face :)

Such a cutie :)


  1. awww. That looks like so much fun!

  2. Whatever, you don't look gross, and Maddux is ADORABLE!

  3. what a great smile he has!

    glad you embraced the camera, even though you may not have felt like doing it!

  4. He has such a big wonderful smile!

  5. We LOVE that table! Although ours is without legs for now! What a happy baby!

  6. That's a favorite toy of ours as well. I love that you got a picture of 'playtime'!!!


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