Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Everyone in Blogland has made these so I dont even know where I would credit my source.
These are so simple to make...
I think these would be really cute with black and white photos of kids... loved ones whoever. So i might try that sometime.
But the other night I was bored. Maddy was in bed. and well my husband was trying to beat Darth Vader on the Wii... sooo I decided I would give these a go :)

They turned out pretty cute! :)


  1. these are very cute... I wondered if they were easy. where did you get the glass for the fronts from?

  2. @Leasa
    I just grabbed a bag of them out of the floral aisle. Its a bag of about... i dont know... 30. cut scrapbook paper to fit.. and modge podged them on then glued on a magnet. Super easy :)


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