Thursday, August 4, 2011

Embrace The Camera

Summers are busy...  I feel like by the time I finally realize its summer... summer is almost done.

This summer we were able to go to the zoo. And Maddux's favorite part of the Zoo.... The carousel!!!! :)
Unfortunately... my husband taking pictures + moving carousel did not work out as well as I would have hoped. However he did get one photo I adore from the day.

He rode this thing 1000000 times and still never wanted off.

This summer has been a blast doing all sorts of new things with him... Becoming a parent gives you a different view ... it changes everything. I love doing things that make his eyes twinkle... and that smile. I live for that smile.

Your turn to get out from behind the camera and get in the photo with your kids :)

270. The quietness in the morning.... when being the first one to get up
271. Ice cold sweet tea
272. my broken in favorite pair of jeans... wish I could wear those daily
273. playing with the garden hose


  1. I'm with ya - I love having new old experiences with my little man.:) Awesome pic!

  2. Such a sweet photo! I have heard that children change everything and I look forward to the day when my husband and myself can experience that new change....[when we're ready]... (:

  3. awww, precious pic with sweet memories attached....that's what it's about!

  4. When I saw this, I focused on your and your boy. My six year old next to me was like "how'd they get so close to a real rhino?!!" He was jealous, then he realized it wasn't real:) But he's still jealous:)
    great photo, great memory:)

  5. what a sweet moment you captured. <3

  6. haha, I thought it was a real rhino for a brief second too.
    Such a sweet photo! =)

  7. i hear ya about summer...why must it go so fast?

    cute shot :)

  8. that photo is amazing. priceless.

  9. Beautiful beautiful photo Fawn!! Missed your faces ;) Glad to hear you are all doing well!



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