Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My happiness.

Saturday is my husbands birthday. Everything about this guy I love.

Have you seen the show Friends? I hope so. For your own good... I hope you own all season on DVD and still to this day watch them obsessively and crack up laughing hysterically like its the first time you ever saw that episode... I cant be the only right?

Well anyways... I have always felt like our relationship in so many ways is comparable to Monica and Chandler. I feel like most people want to be Ross and Rachel... but for me and Jer... Monica and Chandler is a good comparison. I am obsessive, a bit overly dramatic, everything has to be done my way... I could go on and on. But Jerry brings me back to normal. He calms me down... and always has a joke for any situation. Good jokes... or Bad jokes because they man has both. but either way... they make me laugh. He can sing any musical word for word... and probably wold prefer to watch the Thanksgiving parade over the football game like Chandler :) We are two completely different people... but exactly the same. It works for us. .. and I cant imagine a better relationship.
Everyday... he makes me laugh. And as Marilyn Monroe has said... if you can make a girl laugh... you can make her do anything.

Our relationship hasn't always been perfect. We have had to fight for our relationship... or I should say Jerry has had to fight for us. I am grateful... Grateful for such a strong supportive husband... who knew what we had was worth fighting for... I love knowing this is forever....today, tomorrow, for Always.

I am thankful for this man... Without him... I would be a mess...

I found inspiration for this gift here

But decided to give it a Nerdy Romantic Spin for the hubby.... and actually have something Star Wars inspired in our bedroom.... and it is kind of a spin off of the wedding card he gave me..
and here is what I came up with...

261. bamboo blinds
262. My sister's always encouraging advice
263. Writing Grocery lists... and actually remembering to bring them with to the store
264. Andes mints
265. sticking with my workout plan for 3 months now....
266. actually enjoying that workout plan
267. after all these years together... my husband still reaching out to hold my hand in the car.
269. high fives

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