Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting into the Pumpkin Spirit

This past weekend my sister and her family came over to carve/paint pumpkins. My sister works crazy hours and with these three princesses... she is always on the go. So I get excited anytime we plan a time to get together.  Having the chance to get our kids together and recreate memories my mom and her sister did for us... makes me feel happy. It feels like its the way it should be.... like home.

 I got up Saturday morning... made sure I had coffee and pumpkin spice creamer for me and Holly. Donuts for the kiddos. Soda for the husbands...  and waited for them to arrive so we could make our pumpkins

Maddux and Aurora were mainly there to eat donuts. (And Maddux tried to kiss Aurora... but she was not interested... they will hate these photos someday!)

Kylie was very interested in helping Uncle Jerry clean out his pumpkin!

Alyssa was concentrated... and determined to create the most perfect pumpkin...

After he was full on donuts... Maddux decided he would help Daddy with his pumpkin

And here is our finished pumpkin --- Maddux's favorite movie :)

What a perfect Saturday morning :) One more thing checked off our Fall Family To Do list! :)
Only a few more weeks left to get everything checked off! :)

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  1. Cute pumpkin!! Glad that you get to do things like this with your sister and nieces.


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