Monday, December 12, 2011

Anthopologie Inspired Snow Globes

These babies are floating all over Pinterest. I mean all over.

You can find a tutorial {Here}

I love them. They are simple and rustic... and adorable.
And did I mention easy?

Anthropologie sells them for around 20 bucks a pop!

mine cost me... $1.00 per Jar. I had to buy the tree (I found them at Walmart)

I took some mason jars I had... Some of which do not have lids. I tend to use these jars for centerpieces whenever I can. So the ones that don't have lids for the big ones. So I simply just put the trees in the jars... the smaller ones i have glued to the lids... 
I would have preferred to glue them all down to the lids... but I made what I have work. And they look pretty darn cute.. if I say so myself!

I also decided to do a bigger version of the Santa.. so that is up there as well. This year we have so many house projects going on I feel that my Xmas decorations are thrown randomly about! I am glad I finally have something up on our mantel!

What do you think? 
Those simple little jars make me giddy. 
I love them. They are simple. Cute. Perfect. 
This time of the year makes me all mushy though... 
Because they are just cheap old jars with tacky trees in them. 
Ooh but i do love them! 
I am hoping we can finally get our living room painted this week. Those white walls are painful. 
Speaking of house projects. We just ordered new flooring for the disgusting carpet in our living room! 
{Update Coming Soon}

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