Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party

Maddux turned two this week.. and we had a Toy Story themed birthday party for him :)

Buying the house and moving put me behind schedule this year as far as planning goes. So my Mom and Rod were nice enough to let me use their basement to put this on. We knew it would be a tight fit... but since everything else was booked... I did not have very many options.

Most of everything that happened got planned before we started the house buying process. because that took over my life the past three months. It still turned out pretty well though :) Ill just have to make next years even better... since  I was a slacker this year... 

Thank you Mom and Rod for letting us take over your house for the day... (hopefully we can get the basement done for next years...)

I was a little busy and taking pictures didn't happen as much as I would have liked.. .note to self... as someone to do this next year.

Here are a few details from the party!

Some of the Dessert Table Favors included
Birthday Cake
Mrs Potato Head Lips (candy wax lips)
Mr Potato Head Chocolate Staches (chocolate suckers)
Hams's Piggy Bank Money (coin bubble gum)
Slinkys Puppy Chow
Buzz Lightyear's Space Dust (pixie sticks)
Woody's Sheriff Badge Cookies
Alien and Dino dipped oreos
Bullseye treats (dipped pretzels)
Stinky Pete's Biscuits a Burnin (cups of red hots)
Jessies Rootin Tootin Licorice
Andy's building blocks (lego shaped candy)

I set out place mats for the kids... with crayons, coloring pages, and a sack to keep their prizes in from the games. We also made some picture frames with Toy Story stickers.

Andy's Drawings hung up.
 All the tables had Toy Story characters on them... And Toy Story 2

Games we played were...

Pin the Tail on Bullseye
Guess how many Army men?
Snake in my Boot
The Claw
Woodys Roundup 

He was not too keen on the idea of opening gifts. 
I was worried for a little bit.
But once he realized all of the other kids were into it... so was he 
Then he was all about it

And even though my procrastinating this year made me a huge stress bucket this weekend went well.
The kids had a great time ...
And Maddux had an awesome day! Any day he gets to chase his cousins around though... is pretty awesome to him :)

I don't think he had a clue the party was for him. he just knew... there were a lot of kids there... and he got new toys. and pretty much ate sugar for 2 hours straight. And chased people with toy snakes... so I am pretty sure today was probably in his top five for the year :)

We got home and opened all of his Toys... he got to play with them for a few hours... then he passed out in bed. :) Luckily he gets to stay home this week with his Grandpa... so I am sure they will break in those new toys :)

After today though I am exhausted.
And happy. Maddux was all smiles today. What more could I ask for?

Being a mom... who is hosting a party is terrible though. I understand why people go to places and have them do the party for them. I didn't get to enjoy it today... everything was Go Go Go....
But Maddux had a great day. and that is all that matters.

If anyone is interested in the cardboard cutouts of Woody and Buzz ... feel free to shoot me an email. I would love to give them to someone. I no longer have a use for them!

We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that came out today and celebrated with us. Thank you for making today amazing.

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  1. happy birthday little guy!! fawn, you did such a great job!!


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