Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mom Confessions - Cooking or... Not Cooking

I started writing this post... and the first time I wrote it I gave myself a pat on the back in the beginning... talking about all the ways I do things right in this area.

But then went back and deleted it. All of it. 

Because this series is not about when I get it right. 

Because I want this series to be about... sometimes its okay to not have it all together. 
Sometimes its okay... to take the easy way out. 
... At least in my opinion.

Because life is busy. Really busy. And it just seems to get busier and busier as they get older
And sometimes I don't have time to cook. And other times... I simply don't feel like it... and other times.. I have a picky eater and I don't feel like fighting with him for 3 hours to make him eat his green beans.

So confession. Last week, I picked up my son from daycare... and we only had about 30 minutes to eat before we headed out for basketball practice. So I let him eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. Cereal and a banana. Now I can tell you that the cereal is whole grain... and in the organic aisle. I will also tell you there are marshmallows in it. Lots of marshmallows. So really... I am pretty sure even with whole grain/organic label... it was filled with sugar. 

So yep. Sometimes I am too busy too cook.

Some days my son eats a bowl of cereal for dinner. 
Sometimes he has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Sometimes he eats instant oatmeal for dinner.
Sometimes we have pancakes for dinner. Because they are quick. And he always is willing to eat pancakes.

Sometimes its because we are in a hurry and in a rush to be somewhere and I don't have time to cook. Sometimes its because he refuses to eat what we are eating for dinner so I just give up and make him something that won't cause a fight. 
Sometimes... its just because I am lazy. 
And that's okay. 

Because sometimes we are busy. And sometimes we don't have enough time to give our kids a gourmet meal. And sometimes we get off work and the last thing we want to do is have a 2 hour stare down with our kid over dinner.  And sometimes I just want chips and salsa for dinner... and if making a bowl of oatmeal makes him happy. Well darn it there are worst things out there for him. 
So its okay. 

I'm pretty sure a lot more moms are guilty of this than they will admit. 
And if they aren't feeding their child cereal... or an instant bowl of oatmeal... I bet they are hitting up that drive thru line on those lazy nights 
And that's fine too. 

Life happens. 
And its okay to not have it all together. 

I promise... none of us do.

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