Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the built in is done

Well I was going to wait to share the room at once. But then I put off going to Ikea for 2 weeks and I really don't have any back up posts.
So on account of my laziness and poor planning.

Today I am sharing the finished closet turned sofa nook!

We primed. caulked. and painted.
This thing is D.O.N.E

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of photos

All we did was build in two simple bookcases on each side of the closet. Then we created a platform bed that was a little larger than a twin mattress to fit inside the closet opening. Since we were building out from the closet we added shelves on the inside also for more toy storage. To build these shelves we used the well known method of screwing 1x2's into studs in the walls. and cutting out the shelf frame and nailing those into those 1x2s.
After that we created a foot board with the extra space on our platform to give the built in a more uniformed look. so that it would kind of conceal the mattress. We tied all of this together at the top with a header where the crown moulding matched up with the bookshelves.
And to be 100% honest we used beadboards on the sides of the bookshelves because we made a few mistakes that would have been hard to cover up... so instead of trying to sand them out we just covered it up with a beadboard panel.

Now for the engineer print. This was really simple. We took 4 boards. and created a very generic frame. A frame that is 100% empty in the middle. Shown here (sorry for the crooked photo)

Then we took a poster sized frame that we bought at Wal-Mart for 10 dollars.
And placed this on top.

And voila.
a statement piece on that wall. for under 20 bucks total.

Next up. finish the gallery wall around our TV. Create an instagram gallery wall.
Find some throw pillows for the sofa nook.
You can see where we have a few holes to patch up around the built in also.

And then see where we are at.

But this room is coming along.
And such a change from what we had before

It feel so much better to have this built and done and the sawdust cleaned up!

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  1. What a cool nook! I'm sure you guys are loving it! I popped over from Inspire Me Please--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  2. amazing job.....I am sure Maddux loves it


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