Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Updated basement

We have been working away at the basement, it has been a very frustrating process/

We last left off with the basement looking like this.... and the area we have been working on is that corner area to the left... 

Since then we started working on the nook in the far corner of the basement. We decided this space could easily be used as a serving area/wine bar/etc. etc. It would be a great place for us to place the food and drinks at family gatherings... 

So we made a stop at Ikea and took around the "as-is"section for some cabinets. We found a couple that were marked 50% off and started from there. We continued filling in this section with the wine fridge and built a shelf unit to store glassware or whatever ends up going there. 
We took 2x4s to build the table top and decided to put in rock tile across the back of the wall. 

This area still has a ways to go... but its finally shaping into what we had in mind... so I thought I would share an "In progress" photo. Don't mind the mess... we are still in the middle of this project...

We still have a few things to do. 

1. put the doors on the Ikea cabinets and buy hardware
2. paint the shelf that will hold the glassware
3. paint all the wood framing out the cabinets and wine storage
4. add a wood shelf to the bottom of each window
5. finish the rock wall
6. add another coat to the walls.
7. paint the window panes
8. put up trim and doors in the basement
9. add wine glass storage in the open shelves

But at least its to a point where I see it coming together. Slowly but surely. 

The basement itself is far from being done. but at least this small little corner is shaping up nicely. 
The rest of it... is still quite a mess... 

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