Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Reads.... What do you suggest?

I promised my friend Lauren... that I wouldn't only post crafty mom posts on here... so I try to make up for each post she may find annoying with a post she will find less annoying. :)
So anyways.
I don't think many people read this. but i am hoping a few do :)
So i decided I would share with you a few of my favorite books, and maybe you could share a few of your favorites... giving me ideas on something new to read.
So here I go.... to name just a few.

1. To Kill a Mocking bird - I had to read this in high school and I have been in love with it ever since.
2. Water for Elephants - I was honestly surprised at how much I liked this book. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
3. Lucky - From the lady who wrote the Lovely Bones.
4. Memoirs of a Geisha - I had no idea what a Geisha was when I read this. I really thought I was going to read about samurai (spelling?) needless to say... she did not sword fight to my surprise.
5. 19 Minutes - This book was great... very emotional for me. It is about a school shooting. just a heads up. but again. great read.
6. Mr Maybe - great easy read... I don't usually like these types of books... but this one was good.
7. Marley and Me - I am a sucker for Dog books... There is nothing like having a dog. The most loyal person you will have in your life. I love my Nala.. and all of these remind me of her...
8. The Wedding - Wrote after the Notebook. If you liked the Notebook. you will love this one.
9. Mice and Men - classic... always love this one.

I am sure there are more that I love those are the ones that are coming to mind right now.
Has anyone read Eat, Prey, Love? The movie previews are making me want to read it.
Okay... now please suggest some good reads...

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  1. I recommend "Can you keep a secret" and "Remember Me" by Sophie Kinsella, both great books! And "Something Borrowed" & "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin. They are actually currently filming Something borrowed and it should be in theaters next year I think. It will be starring Kate Hudson & Ginnifer Goodwin.


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