Monday, August 2, 2010

Forever Young....

So me and the hubby had to take a quick run to Target Sunday to get Maddux some more food. We decided we would move onto meats… Big moment. I refuse to try them… pureed meat… I cant even imagine. However, I do make Jerry try them. and by the look on his face.. not good. However Maddux so far has been a fan. Apples and Chicken Simply delightful for him 

So anyways. I know that most women say their husbands are like children. And I think most are. However I am not sure that most women have a husband that has 12 shelves filled with star wars action figures that are not allowed to be touched. He has taken them out of the box so he isn’t completely crazy and saving them because “they will be worth a lot” (I couldn’t handle that) however. He has all of his action figures set up by shelf in battle formation. Its sad. But so true. Luckily this is in our basement… In case you were afraid this was in our bedroom or even worse our living room. So rest assured this is in our basement. I have been guilty of buying him these toys, so I don’t have a right to complain too much since I do add to this vice of his. I do however put my foot down when it comes to his Brett Favre action figures. Those are boxed up. Every girl has her breaking point.

But to get on with my Target story… I am walking thru the toy section (I should have known better) I was looking for a certain board game for my niece…. When Jerry is all of a sudden no where to be found…. So I yell out his name… to find where he went off too. no answer… I turn the corner and my husband is standing in pure awe of a star wars night light. A night light people!!! I mean I had a grown man begging for a night light… for Maddux not for him. It as a light saber that you build yourself that goes on your wall and apparently has every color... which I was explained was insanely cool. At that time I decided we could survive without this night light for the evening. But told him if you still want it for Christmas… we will talk. So my husband is pouting like a child… takes three steps and all the disappointment leaves his face… when he sees a boba fett helmet. He looks at me with sad ridiculous puppy dog eyes… and all I can think of… in a few years I will be outnumbered. There will be two of them… he will suck Maddux into this nerdy world… and then how will I resist. I did resist last night. However. I will not be surprised if this weekend he comes home with both items “for Maddux “ … Of course.

And here you go... a few summers back when McDonalds gave out Star Wars toys... Boba Fett was flying around my head while I was driving home.... pure joy on my face :)

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