Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Embrace the camera


I follow the Anderson Family Crew Blog. This family is adorable and this mom makes such a valid point.

Sha has challenged everyone to join her in taking pictures with your kids... thinking about it... i wish i had more pictures of my mom and my dad for that matter when i was young. I cherish those photos... even the ones that my mom claims she looks horrible in. I think she looks amazing.

So even if you are in an old t-shirt... and sweatpants... get in front of the camera... your kid will cherish it someday..

will any of you join me in this challenge????


  1. you know what's funny? I'm about to post a old pic of my mom and I on my blog. Love pictures with the mommy!

  2. Ha yes i think pets count! I still count Nala as my first child :)
    I know... I love pictures with my mom when i was a kid... so even though i think i look horrible some days i figured i should learn to suck it up... :)


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