Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marshmallow Pops

So this will be Maddux's first Halloween!!!! I am so excited. So excited that I bought him three costumes this year. Luckily one is too big so that will be used for next year!!! Pictures of Halloween costumes will take over my blog in a few days :) 

So at his daycare they had a sign up sheet to bring in some things for their Halloween Party. Which I love... because once he goes to school they no longer allow homemade treats... and it is such a shame!!!!! I loved that when I was a kid. 

So anyways. I decided to make dirt and marshmallow pops. Now everyone knows what dirt is... well most people do. simple chocolate pudding and crushed oreos with some gummy worms in there. Now i wanted to dip the worms in chocolate melts to make the worms look more real. but i forgot to buy chocolate candy melts so oh well.... but i did find little Frankenstein buckets to put them in for each kid. so that was fun. No pictures because the pudding is in my fridge and tomorrow morning I will add the oreos. I doubt very much in the rush of the morning i will take a photo... so use your imagination if you really want to know :)

well anyways. I thought I would share these Marshmallow pops with you... because I just found out about these this summer and they are so insanely easy to make and super cute!!!!!! 

Now if your kid doesn't like marshmallows obviously this would not be a good idea. These have been a hit with my nieces... who love marshmallows and sprinkles so these are perfect for them.

well anyways... here are the directions... ready.... 

you will need:
candy melts
and lollipop sticks 
(found in the cake sections... at walmart... Michael's.. anywhere... and right next to the colored candy melts usually!)

okay so you melt the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl... usually for no more than 2 minutes... in 30 second intervals to check on them... well you put your marshmallow on your stick... dip it in the melt... (don't worry about it being messy... those sprinkles will cover that right up!) then sprinkle on as many sprinkles as you want. and tada... in less than five minutes you have.... 

you can either display them in containers on a table or wrap them up to give out.

There are a lot of colors of melts you can do... or you can crush up oreos... or nuts or whatever to top these with... Lots of options... and OH so easy and super fast... :) 

and also... cute cute cute!!!!!


  1. Oh, I love this idea...and how easy you make it look. :)

  2. What a fabulous idea! LOVE IT! and I used to love the homemade treats at holiday parties at school too! Such a shame you can't do that anymore!


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