Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playroom Progress?!?!?!

When we first saw this house, we loved the loft area.... One of our favorite parts of the house. A place to hang out upstairs. And eventually a room for our teenage son to hang out and ignore his uncool parents... because well that will happen someday. Not soon though. Thank goodness!

Although the loft had a closet in it... which we found weird, It just seemed like an odd place to put a closet.  Since we wanted to use this area for a playroom... somewhere we could hang out with Maddux and his massive overload of toys.

Besides the odd closet, this room they decided to use a feather technique on the wall. (yuck)
Here is where the room started (sorry for the bad photos... these were taken on our cheapo camera)

So we painted over that feather job, and removed the closet doors. We decided we would use this closet as a media center.  So the room sat like this for a little while. {please excuse the mess of the first photo... this was the week we moved in}

So the room was like this... horrible I know.
So we removed the wired shelving. painted the back wall. bought one more bookcase.... and that's pretty much where we are at on this project.

Isn't he adorable with his toolbench?!?! I love watching him play on that. Cracks me up. Usually it ends in him just beating things with his hammer. Not sure where he got that from :) {Shut it Jer}

This is not complete yet. But since I have been MIA on my blog for a while .. I thought I would let you know what we have been up to.

So the things we still want to do to this area...
I want to frame out those cheap bookshelves to make it look more uniformed.
Finish the Pallet Daybed (look for a door to go behind it... or build a pallet headboard. Buy a twin mattress to sit on it)
Build some bookshelves to go on each side of the window (which are on the floor in the photo of the almost finished closet)
chalkboard paint a coffee table to create a game table
add in some throw pillows.
Look into finding a bright colored rug

So rather than show you the whole room in its still unfinished state. I thought I would show you a few details. Some that are finished... and some that are close to being finished. So this is a progress post... not a finished post. Please keep that straight. :)

Here are some photos of the gallery wall I put up in the playroom. It is centered around Maddux and Nala. I love the bond between the two of them.... She is Maddux's first best friend.
The frame that holds photos of me and Jer will be replaced with Maddux and Nala. However I will wait til we get some new shots of the two of them together. Maybe once it snows... COME ON SNOW!!!!!

Side note. Sorry for the flash you will see in every. single. photo. By the time I get home it is nighttime... I do not see daylight Monday-Friday. Ridiculous.

I saw on Pinterest the use of Vintage Wagons to hold books. And this kid has an ABSURD amount of books.. I thought this would work perfectly. We have book slings... wagons of books... baskets filled with books in various places. I am telling you... we have books coming out of our ears over here!
The wagon was a gift from his great grandmother. And i love that it keeps his books at his level, so he can grab one anytime he wants

Okay So here is the part of the room... that is still in progress.  Our media center.
The bookshelves need to be framed out to make it look like one huge bookcase rather than 4 separate bookcases. The random knickknacks on the top shelf... that is not their permanent home. They are waiting for the shelves laying on the floor... and 2 more that I am currently working on to go on the wall.. So they can find a home on those bookshelves. Those knickknacks are Willow creek figurines, baptism keepsakes from Aunt Holly, and some of Jerry's keepsakes when he was a baby, a snail my uncle made me... and what not.
Things we do not want mister sticky fingers to pick up... and throw across the room.
Because that is now what he does. He throws everything. I mean it. Everything.

Moving on.
I also took some embroidery hoops and some fabric I found on sale.. and created some cheap, colorful, DIY wall art. I am mildly obsessed with them. I love them.

So. Like I said. media center is still a work in progress. I would like to pick up some large baskets to hide a lot of that mess also. But for now.. that's what it looks like.
Anyone local know of any sales going on for large baskets? Help a girl out :)

It doesn'tlook great. But it looks better. And once we get it framed out... shelves on the wall and some storage that conceals the craziness. It will look A LOT better!

And I thought I would share one more photo with you.
The growth chart found a home!!! I love the large ruler Growth Chart. You can read more about that post HERE
And if you look you can see the beginnings of the pallet daybed. However I need to figure out what to use as a headboard. I think I want an old door. I have been searching for one. If I don't find one soon... I might attempt my own DIY barn door.
Once we get the door in place the space between the gallery wall and the pallet daybed wont be so bad. That and getting a twin size mattress to sit on there
And you can notice that Maddux's train table is chaos.
Just keeping it real. that is how it looks 99% of the time.
I will take the time and build an awesome train track... just for him to go all Godzilla on it...
{sigh} the blessings of a boy.

So there it is. Progress. Nothing completed. But at least it is progress right?!?!?!
What do you think?
Any ideas on what to do with those toys?

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  1. I did the canvas covered diaper boxes I saw on Pinterest. Haven't even got to the lining but they store movies well in our tv stand. Super easy and I had the boxes! Good probably for something not as everyday though unless you reinforce them with some strips of wood. Then maybe not so easy!


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