Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Lil Artist & Photo Books

I have a few big projects we have been working on... and they are taking A LOT longer than I had anticipated. I am redoing my first piece of furniture with Chalk Paint, finally getting around to painting our bedroom, finishing up the master closet... and the powder room on the main level. So we have been busy.... 
My mom made art clips for all of the grandchildren for Christmas.
I love the artwork Maddux brings home from daycare... and the ones we do together at home.
They fill up the fridge pretty quick though.... So this clip system was perfect!

I love having a way to display multiple art projects. 
I might make another one because just the one might fill up quick. 

And since it has been a while since I posted last.... I thought I would share my favorite way to store/display our photos. I hold out for Groupons for photo books... whenever they come across Groupon I buy a few... because not only do I love photo books... but grandparents do too :) 

We have made a photo book for each year with Maddux, our wedding, and our first family vacation. 

I love that we can keep these out on the coffee table or up on our bookshelves. 

Here are a few shots of ours... 

I love that belly shot with the penguins. Still my favorite photo :)

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