Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

You are now ... almost 28 months old... and in the past few months you have changed so much. On a daily basis I am shocked at how fast this is going, how quickly you are growing up... you are developing your own little personality. And let me tell you.. You are quite the little spitball :)

You are so obsessed with Star Wars right now... Its unreal. You refuse to fall asleep unless you have your Star Wars movie on... and your star wars figurines in your bed with you. You will battle to the death with light sabers 24 hours a day if at all possible. You have currently learned that if your light saber gets knocked out of hand... you can use a force push to defend yourself. However.. this force push is only one sided... It only works for you. Apparently this move does not phase you .. if used against you :) Your love for Star Wars is adorable. What 2 year old begs to watch the 1970s movies... you do not want the cartoon clone wars... you want... episodes 4,5, & 6. You do not like the newer ones because... you have a fascination with Darth Vader. I am worried about the day you realize he is in fact evil. I am afraid this is going to break your heart. Or ... well maybe you already know this... and wish to join the Dark Side of the force.  Time will tell :) I love the way your eyes light up... whenever we watch the movies.

You can give dirty looks like no other. Sadly... I believe you have gotten these honest though... from your mom :)
But if looks could kill... you have these down. You don't get your way... and wow... :)

Your favorite thing to eat right now.. is Peanut butter and Nutella wraps. You could eat those all day everyday. You applaud me while I get it ready for you. And of course you still love apples, bananas and oranges :)

Your imagination is inspiring. I could sit and watch you play for hours. You are constantly taking toys away from your Mom... because she does not play the way you would like her to. But you insist I sit right next to you on the floor and watch you play.

I have been woken up to light sabers to the face... more times then anyone could imagine.

You are not sleeping through the night yet. It is a constant battle every night. Maddux, Your mom misses sleep. Please let her sleep. Please :)

You still cannot go to bed without your teddy bear "Oh No" and your stuffed puppy. And Nala has to sleep with you every single night. She use to fight this... now she just follows you up to your bed willingly. You two are the best of friends. Its adorable.

I do not believe you know how to walk. You are always running. Always. All you ever want to do is GO GO GO! Always keeping your parents busy!

You have decided that you hate taking baths. You hate water in general. You hate baths. You hate the pool. Its such a battle to get you in the tub. I am hoping that changes.... this summer. Hopefully we can get you to love the pool :)

You have absolutely no fear of strangers. This is the scariest thing to me ever. You will talk to anyone. You are so outgoing and adorable... you love talking to people.

You love to shake your booty. It is the best little dance ever!

You have learned to use the sad puppy dog eyes to your advantage. Already. I am in trouble.

Your vocabulary is growing everyday. Its amazing how fast you are growing up. You still love Nala more than anything... and I love watching the bond between you grow. You inspire me to be a better person.... You are my everything.


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