Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

In the past few months you have changed drastically. You are developing more and more of a personality... almost hourly. Time goes by so fast... so watching you play the other night made me realize... I needed to capture who you are right now.. at this moment.  You are a week shy of being 2.5 years old.

Some days... I understand the term terrible two's actually some days I believe... they should have that phrase in the dictionary... with your photo next to it. No words needed. Some days :)

You are definitely far more resistant... and stubborn. And independent. You want to do things your way... by yourself. You do not want any help. And when you do not get your way... it is pure devastation. I swear the world just ended... and there is no distracting you... you are adamant. You don't give up... and you do not forget what you were upset about. Stubborn. Stubborn. little man :) But that pouting face... is adorable. And it kills me to say no. But I am learning to stand my ground with you. Even if that means having to walk away from you... because I have issues saying no to that sad puppy dog look you give me.

Overall though... Terrible twos are not that terrible. The opposite of terrible honestly. Two has been the age that your personality has started to shine through. And it has been incredible watching you develop into your own little self. You absolutely hands down have my facial expressions... and as your Nana says... I deserve every dirty look you hand me... But you have your Dad's imagination. You can sit and play with action figures for hours... you create scenes and dialogue. {Even though we have no idea what you are saying....most of the time}

Your imagination is astonishing. Not only do you just play action figures... but you have us put you in your Captain America costume... and you fight imaginary bullies... you create these elaborate fight scenes.. I honestly believe you think you are a super hero... and you are in fact saving the world :)

You love chasing your girl cousins around the yard... growling and using the force push on them. And the smile on your face while they squeal and run from you... is Simply Priceless.

You love being outside. And you have a new found love for Rocks! I haven't figured out what your obsession with them are...but you will stop mid sprint... across the yard if you find a new rock. I have to empty rocks out of your pockets before you come inside daily.

Lately... you have been running to me when I pick you up from daycare... Arms spread ready to give me a giant hug... which is awesome. Considering ... that ... for months. you ran from me screaming "No Mommy!" However... to be honest. you run to me give me a big hug... usually say Hi Mommy. Then immediately follow that up with. "I want Nana" :)

You still are completely devoted to Nala. She sleeps at the foot of your bed nightly. You still enjoy sharing your food with her... mainly the food you refuse to eat. So any sort of vegetable.. or meat. Except hot dogs... you love your hot dogs.

Nap time is getting harder. You now... get out of bed and decide to play rather than nap. I have taken toys out of your room thinking... that will stop him. Only to come up and find you taking on imaginary villains... (sigh) its adorable though.

You have now learned... to fist bump. High-fiving is apparently for babies. Big boys... fist bump

You have an obsession with the Avengers. I mean... an obsession.  I am dream of becoming an Avenger when you grow up....

My little superhero...



  1. This made me tear up. My son is turning two next week, and I am not ready. At all. :(

    And I can't imagine anyone better to look up to than the Avengers. Just saying.

  2. Most adorable superhero EVER!!!!!
    love nana


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