Saturday, October 6, 2012

25 Things

25 Things

I got this idea from Perfectly Imperfect. I love that she randomly throws these in once in a while. And its a good break every now and then. Especially between projects.
so here we go. A random 25 things... that I will just spit out as I go

1. I am starting the process of finishing my basement this weekend

2. I am dreading this... and I haven't even started. I know this is going to be a lot of work... but I am grateful that I have such an amazing step dad  and mom that are willing to help (Thanks Rod and Mom)

3. My step dad really is great. The poor guy gets stuck helping me with my 500 projects... and my mom has 500 projects at their own house for him. Poor guy.

4. It is weird ...I think I am looking forward to finishing the basement ... as much as I am dreading it.

5. It will be nice to have finished though.

6. Hopefully finished in time to host Maddux's 3rd birthday.

7. Which by the way is Super Hero Themed this year (shocking... I know)

8. On a side note, I am loving this time of year. I like chilly weather...

9. but convinced I am going to gain 50 lbs if I keep inhaling Pumpkin Lattes from Starbucks.

10. Those are amazing.

11. I think I will grab one tonight... (see... 50 lbs)

12. Maddux recently started the pre-school program at daycare this fall.

13. Its crazy how much his vocabulary has changed in the past few months. I cant get over it.

14. I do love when he sings his ABCs though... He starts out with ABCD, ABC... and then I am pretty sure he throws in some wheels on the bus... and back to the ABCD, ABC .... Sing with me.

15. Adorable, I tell you. Best ABCs I have ever heard

16. I gave in and turned my heat on last night

17. I am a wimp.

18. And our windows suck

19. You would think for how new this house is... they would have better windows

20. But they don't.

21.Another expense to add to the never ending list of home improvements.

22. Oh well... guess that's part of home owning.. Right?

23. Onto another topic.

24. In celebration of the seasons changing... we are painting pumpkins today.

25. Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

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