Monday, November 5, 2012

Table for a friend

I built the first thing that wasn't for our home. It was nerve wrecking. When I build stuff for myself... It's like. well lets see if this works. And I am okay with it. with someone else's stuff... well. It was different.

I worked on this table for a friend of mine. It came from the console bench plans by Ana-white.
It is suppose to have a rustic chunky feel. and I looooove it.

I love the way here table turned out. :) I hope she does too.

And Yes... Yes I did take random things out to my driveway to take photos of the table. And Yes... I do believe my neighbors believe I am off my rocker.
And No. I do not mind. Because they saw me take photos of my table in the driveway and put up a Christmas tree all in one day.

So there we go. My first project I built for someone else. :)

1 comment:

  1. Fawn, I absolutely LOVE the table!! It's amazing! And I've been showing it off to everybody who stops by :)
    Thanks again!


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