Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Random Things

Since December tends to be busy... I thought I would throw in one of these random posts of my thoughts ... I am hard to follow... I tend to jump around. You have been warned.

1. Maddux hates his elf on the shelf Clint. True story.

2. I am forcing this elf upon him.

3.I rubbed him wrong with it once ... because I put Clint in Captain Americas Tank... well this upset my son. And now he thinks the elf is out to screw over his action figures.

4.Clint will be bringing a lot of small gifts this month to try to win over the heart of this stubborn three year old.

5. Christmas M&Ms taste better than the normal ones. Seriously.

6. I am trying my best to use December to finish up projects I have avoided... painting trim, finishing my window seat, putting up the hardware in my kitchen, repainting the breakfast bar.... stuff that needs to be done. But i conveniently have avoided.

7.Anyone have any tips on how to make painting trim fun?

8. I am the shortest person in my family. Even among the cousins.

9. Yet... I am the oldest. I now look up to all of them... literally.

10. I hate rap music.

11. But love Eminem.

12. Yes, I do realize I just completely contradicted myself.  But I don't know why. Eminem just works for me.

13.  I just started watching Nashville. And am mildly obsessed.

14. But every time I see Hayden... I just want to Save the Cheerleader... Save the World.

15. I just got a new job offer and could not be more excited.

16. I am going to miss the friendships I have made at my current position.

17. But looking forward to doing something I feel that I will enjoy more and of course meeting new people is always fun :)
18. Expendables 2 was amazing.

19.Chuck Norris's entrance alone is reason enough to watch that move. Fantastic.

20. Speaking of fantastic...

21. I love hearing Maddux say Chewbaca. Chewdabeca. I am going to be sad once he starts pronouncing everything correctly. I love his adorable words

22.I created an advent calendar... but really I am the only one that cares about it.

23.Maybe next year Maddux will care. I was like lets paint Xmas pictures! Lets make snowflakes! and he usually yells... NO LETS PLAY!

24. and ... I have made snowflakes and painted by myself. (sigh)

25. Tonight though we are making cookies. This he will want to be a part of. Looking forward to that!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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