Thursday, August 23, 2012

Living Room Progress

When we first moved in the living room looked like this...

Nasty carpet. Light green walls. Boob light. Not Good.

So far... in this room.

Painted the fireplace white... which you can see here
Painted the walls Breezy by Sherwin Williams. Which I love.It looks grey in the day and turns more blue when less light is coming through
Bought a sectional to fill in some of the odd spacing in the living room.
Bought a Craigslist Entertainment Center and redid that...which you can find here
Replaced the "boob" light for a more modern light fixture.
Created a Plywood photo frame... which you can find here
Added Bamboo blinds and clean white curtains
Painted the trim white
And replaced that nasty carpet with wood flooring
Bought a gigantic Metal Circle Thingy (yes that's the technical term) I fell in love with it. I cant explain it.. it was meant to be. Love at first sight :)

And the newest addition to the living room is this rustic wall quote.
I took some old fence boards cut them down to random sizes. cleaned them up with mineral oil. Then printed out these letters.. took an exacto knife to trace around those letters...which i used as a stencil to fill in with paint :) I love the way it turned out.

Still to do in this room

Get a larger TV to balance out the giant Entertainment Center
Decorate mantel for Fall
Make another Plywood frame to fill in empty space on that wall
Buy a larger rug
Throw pillows... more throw pillows
Build a side table
Build a sofa table
buy an Ottoman that matches are sectional

So I would say this room is probably 50% complete
Its getting there ... and It does look insanely different from where we started. We have lived here for 9 months now... I am pretty pleased with the progress so far.. :)

Fall Inspiration

Now that August is almost over....
It is time to start decorating the house for fall...

So I thought I would share a few things from Pinterest that are inspiring me this Fall Season :)

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Are you ready for fall?

Has anyone tackled These ghost silhouettes made out of chain linked fencing?

Seriously.. is that not the coolest thing ever?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Entertainment Center... A Craigslist Score!

There is this gigantic nook in my living room. Which kind of made the living room awkward. It was one of the things I hated most about the house when we bought it. But then I thought... well maybe I can build an entertainment enter there so it looks custom built... and then I would just stare at this gigantic nook... and no part of me wanted to start building that. I thought it was too big of a project for me.

And then came CraigsList to the rescue. I seriously do now what I would do without craigslist. Craigslist is perfect for people like me. I am too lazy on the weekends to get to garage sales that early n the morning to see the good stuff.. So garage saleing... rarely works in my favor. But Craigslist... allows me to be lazy...and still get stuff I want

When I first got this entertainment center... it was wood.. and honestly nothing wrong with it. But I didn't like the color of it. So ... of course... I painted it white.
Did I mention this thing was 10 feet long...which almost fit that nook perfectly in my living room? I a telling you... this was meant to be.

It had glass shelving in it... which was a little dated so I replaced those with wood shelves... which helped a lot.

I am really in love with this center now... I do need a bigger tv. Once I get a bigger tv it will look more proportioned... but that will probably have to wait a few months....

Here is the closest thing I have to a before picture.... I had already started painting and realized... Oh shoot... I need a before shot! :)  (don't mind all that mess... )

And here is the after...

I think once we get a larger tv and hang it in the middle of that space on the wall. the whole thing will look a lot better!

What do you think?
Have you found any amazing deals on Craigslist?
Or do you actually wake up early enough to get the good garage sale finds?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laundry Room Reveal

I do not have a before picture at all of my Laundry room. I really stink at remembering to do that. Basically this room was off white and had the standard boob light and light wood trim everywhere... so picture that...

We removed the door off the laundry room so when you come in from the garage you can go straight into the room... so it can also act as our mudroom.

I used Pinterest a lot for inspiration. I hung pictures with hangers, put up shelves above the washer and dryer, replaced the light, built the smiling mudroom off of Ana-White, put in our laundry basket dresser (plans are also on Ana-White)

So picture the old dingy laundry room... all off white and ugly... got it...

Now here is the after....

When you first walk in the looks like this

Here is a view of the far wall by the laundry sink....

Here is a picture of the shelves and the Photo hangers...

Here is the laundry room from the main hall...

The locker system ... :) which i looooovee!

Laundry basket dresser, lockers, and a small picture collection :)

A close up of that gallery

More Detailed pics...

There you have it... I finally finished the laundry room :)

I still need a curtain.... and a rug...
but for now... I consider this room finished :)

What do you think?

The Shabby Nest


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can you figure out what I am thinking?

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

...... I am thinking I need a a floor to ceiling gallery wall in my entry way..... :)

Collecting ideas on what to fill it with! :)

Anyone else obsessed with Gallery walls? I think i have a problem!
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