Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

You just recently turned 3 years old.

You still have a love of all things super hero. You will spend hours lining up your guys in an army formation. Then one by one you pull them out to battle... with dialogue that usually says. 'I'm Iron Man" "I'm Captain America" "I'm gonna get you" "No I'm gonna get you" Then a bunch of hi-yas. some grunting and grumbling. Ultimately one falls... and one is victorious then you repeat this with the next two characters battle.... This lasts for hours.

You hold Iron Man on an entirely different level than all other super heroes. I mean... Iron Man owns the bat-cave, Spiderman's playhouse, batman helicopter, numerous bat mobiles, Captain Americas motorcycle, Wolverine's helicopter, and pretty much any other superhero accessory ... once any superhero gets a vehicle or home... they immediately surrender it to Iron Man.

At three you have become even more defiant... and stubborn. And I can tell just from the past few months .. we are in for quite a year.

You have become more interested in different forms of play. You enjoy puzzles, play-doh, and games a lot more. You have also developed a love for puzzles on the iPad which makes going out to dinner a little easier now.

You are so much more vocal and entertaining. You are quite the story teller... full of facial expressions. I love watching you explain a situation. Your eyes light up... and you start going a mile a minute.

You have become much more affectionate recently. You love giving hugs and say I love you at random moments. These moments almost bring me to tears. The first time your kid looks at you and says I love you mom... completely unprompted.... Is unforgettable.

We signed you up for your first sport... Basketball. I was surprised they offered it in the range 3-5 year olds... I thought it might be a little tough. Well... you are the only three year old in your class... and it is a struggle. You do so well at stretching... running... and passing the ball. Dribbling and shooting... you try but since the other kids are so much older they can all do it and you can't so you immediately shut down. I can't blame you... You get that honest. I have always been a huge brat when I couldn't catch on quickly too... so I know that this is going to be a struggle :) But once we keep working on it and you start understanding more... we will be just fine :) You are doing awesome at basketball for only being three. I could not be more proud :)

You currently have an obsession with scrambled eggs and ketchup. Its constantly a request.

You love helping me cook. If anyone is cooking... you have to pull a chair up to the counter so you can help. You always want to be involved if anyone is doing anything :) No matter what ... you want to do it too:)

You love doing puzzles. Whether it be the wooden puzzles or puzzles on the IPad. You love doing them. You can sit for hours playing puzzles.

Your favorite game is still Candyland. I have been trying to get you to play Chutes and Ladders.. but within a few minutes you are ready to close it up and trade it in for Candyland.

Your coloring skills are getting better. Now they have been centered around the image on the coloring sheet. Its a scribble still... but very centered on the image. So I can definitely see an improvement.

We are constantly working on manners. Seems to be a day to day lesson. You have been doing very well with your pleases and thank yous :)

It is crazy how independent you have gotten. You rarely want help. You want to try to do everything yourself and get upset if I try to help without you asking.  You are growing up so fast little man. You are becoming quite the character. You can always make me laugh... your crazy dance moves and the pure excitement from just the mention of superheroes cracks me up.

You are nothing less than amazing and I cant wait to see what is in store for us over the years.


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