Sunday, January 13, 2013

Disney 2012

This was Maddux's first trip to Disney World... hopefully the first of quite a few. I love Disney World. It's magical. Still as an adult... pure magic.
I just love everything about it.

I loved going at this age. For me this was perfect. Even if he doesn't remember it. I will always remember it. His face lit up every time he got to meet his favorite characters. He truly believed... these were the real characters on TV. He was ecstatic.

I think for me that was the best part. Not the rides... but Maddux getting to meet these special characters. I love how these characters took the time to give him attention and just make him smile.

In future years... he will start to enjoy other aspects of Disney just as much... if not more. I am so grateful that I got to go though at this age and witness the true Magic.

Here are a few of my favorite moments to witness.

Jake... Maddux's favorite pirate playing and tickling him. Maddux developed a new found love for anything pirate after the trip. 

Hanging out with Lightning McQueen.... Just look at that smile :) 

Using the force on the speeder bike. Next time he will be hold enough to go to Jedi Academy. I. CANNOT. WAIT!

Maddux was so excited to meet Buzz Lightyear. We had to stand in line for 45 minutes to meet him. He could not wait. Woody bent down for a hug... Maddux had his sights on one thing. Buzz. Straight past Woody... practically tackling Mr Lightyear. (Poor woody. so sad)

Playing with one of the many weapons he walked away with. This kid was loaded up with toys by the time we left...  

We stopped and saw Santa while in Disney. My favorite moment. He talked to this Santa for quite a while. I believe they discussed the need of a Hawkeye Christmas morning at great length....

And my favorite moment of the whole trip. His love of Minnie Mouse. My son has the biggest crush on this mouse. It's by far the cutest thing I have witnessed in my life. He loves her. Watch out Mickey... Maddux is coming for your girl.

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