Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Out with the green...

The dining room has been some what of a mystery to me. It has the possibility of becoming the most fabulous room in our house. but what to do with it... has been challenging.

I did put up these green shelves because I thought I should add in some bright color somewhere. And I tried liking it. I really tried. for months. well i hated it. and took it down. And wondered what the heck I was ever thinking? I am keeping the shelves I think I can eventually use them in the basement.

So I decided to plank the walls instead. Take that Vintage mirror from the bedroom and place it above this workbench console. I decided to be daring in another direction and spray painted the frame Gold. I have been seeing some Gold things on Pinterest... and I kinda like it.

Well I put the mirror on the planked walls and .. I liked the girly mirror mixed in with the rustic piece of furniture. I don't know. it just works for me :)

I still need to add some trim on the corners of the wall to finish off the planked wall.

And you can see under the table... in that last picture. If you saw on facebook. I dropped the entire can of paint right there on the floor (Thank goodness we are ripping up these carpets) I truly painted the wall from the paint I scraped off the floor. I am that cheap.... I could not stand the idea of wasting that money on the paint!

I am still debating on if the wall needs something else? I was going to put photos up there... but we have plans for a gallery wall somewhere else... so i figured I could try this instead.

So that is one major update to this room.

our plans include.
floor to ceiling book cases in the front sitting area (cannot wait)
wood floors to match the rest of the main floor. (goodbye disgusting carpet)
white trim.
New wall color (not sure on this one yet....)
some sitting in between the book cases (do i keep the chairs i made over? or should i find a different spot for them?)
Build a larger table
buy new chairs.
and upgrade some chandeliers - get an electrician to add another spot for a chandelier so we can have two of them above the table.
change out those curtains.

This room will take a while... I am hoping to slowly work on it throughout the year and hopefully have it done by the end of the year. But we still need to finish up the basement and I have some outdoor projects planned. So this will come in after those...

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