Sunday, August 18, 2013

Library Progress Week 2

I have been working on our library project with Sandra from Sawdust girl for a few months now. Well not just me, Me and Jerry. He has been so helpful during all of this.... Soooo ridiculously Helpful.

Our dining room is weird. So, just to give you a little bit of understanding... when you walk into our house... on the other side of the staircase is the dining room. but in front of that... we have this tiny room with a massive ceiling. But it is awkward. I believe they considered it a "formal living room" but its not big enough for anything.  So when Sandra put up that she was coaching and designing DIY projects for readers...  I contacted her immediately. This project was outside of my comfort zone... and I knew I needed some help. 

So after talking with her and coming up with a plan she sent me the plans and I was so excited! This room would finally have a purpose... :)

So for the past few months we have been working on this library project. 

On her last post... our library was looking like this.

Pretty rough... now its looking a little more like

Now head over to Sandra's Sawdust Diaries series to see our week 2 post on her blog.

Check out the post HERE

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