Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dining Progress - Table Built

So we have been working away on the dining room. It is coming along. The past two weeks we finished the baseboards, painted the window, built, stained, and sealed the table.

So here is the dining room today (don't mind the random chairs.... Maddux insists on sitting in there right now)

Ready for a ridiculous amount of photos of a table??? Here we go....

So back to the to do list.

1. add board and batten to the walls to add in some architectural interest that matches the library.
2. paint the room white.
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Hang new Chandelier
5. Replace the light switch with a dimmer
6. Put up new baseboards
7. Build large dining room table
8. Find new dining chairs
9. Find colorful curtains
10. Large free standing mirror to bounce off more light
11. Wall decor
12. Table decor
13. paint window trim white
14. add woven blinds?

So it is getting there.
We did decide to build a couple of benches for now... just so we have some seating while we decide what chairs we want. We can't really agree on what to put in there and we first need to figure out the seating in the library so it all flows together. So right now we are building some 40 dollar benches that Ana-White put up. At least we know we can always use benches somewhere if they don't stay in here :) So even if it is a temporary solution we know we can re-use them somewhere else.

So this week we will be building the benches.
And hopefully be adding in curtains and some artwork to this room.
And you can see in these photos I have a long way to go to fill up that library. Luckily I just found a couple of boxes of books int he basement. So we are getting there.


  1. Any close up pictures of the sign you have on your buffet table? Is it new? :)

  2. Yes it is new. Its actually an xmas sign :) Its actually the words to O Holy Night. Ill post more on it once that table is done! Thanks for noticing :)

  3. It all looks amazing and I love the sign also. Did you purchase it or DIY?

  4. I love the sign was it a DIY or purchase? The whole room looks great I particularly love the chandelier.


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